Interested in Gardening using Organic Care?

Provided by our farm friends at, Your Life and Land, Rochester

Purchase our special Agrohomeopathy Kit and you receive a One Month Free Subscription ($15 value) to our online community where you can learn how to use your kit to support your plants! 


Grow and protect your garden tomato plants from the fierce tomato hornworm with homeopathic remedy called Bombyx, prevent your peppers from water damage with Thuja, stop those striped beetles from destroying your zuchinni with Cuprum. These are just three of the remedies you will have in your custom kit to deter pests and plant diseases such as blight, powdery mildew and more!


What the kit and our website offers:

  • Easy instructions on which remedy to use to  assist your herbs & vegetables to grow and protect against weather damage, transplanting, pest and diseases.
  • Improve the health and nutrition of the veggies and herbs you are eating as Agrohomeopathy is FREE from any pesticide or herbicides and strengthens your plants as they grow! So, healthy food means a healthier you!
  • You will be provided the top 20 homeopathic remedies for your garden. (remedy supply for typically 3+ months, small garden) Please note sometimes refills are needed if a certain remedy is found to be most helpful in your unique garden. We have refill options here at low prices.
  • Visit to learn more about them!

Natural Agro-Garden Kit & Free Trial

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