Farm CSA Programs

At The Silverbrook Farm, we grow the majority of our own vegetables and have been expanding to include a few other local farmer friends who share our beliefs in organic practices. and offer the highest quality of produce. This allows more variety for you, supports the local farming community and allows each of us to do what we do best! We will highlight some of our farmer friends during the season so you can continue to get to know them! 


We have made some changes to our CSA offerings.

We have changed the egg/bread option which was part of what has been known as our Standard CSA. We will continue to have weekly farm fresh eggs which you can select as an add on to the Basic CSA if you like! We will offer homemade bread and baked goods as frequent weekly special deal items!


Based on the availability and pricing of seasonal fruit this season we will offer our fruit package as part of our weekly deals and let everyone know before your weekly pickup what is available for purchase!  


DO NOT Worry, we promise we will watch the availability of fruit and offer it along with homemade bread, pies, muffins, pesto, pickled cucumbers, pepper relishes, turmeric paste, culinary herbs, teas, and other yummy seasonal items throughout the season!!

Our goal is to provide you a CSA Membership that you fully enjoy. FIRST PICKUP Starts: 1st or 2nd week of June - weather dependent.

Please look below for a description of our two CSA offerings this year. For you egg lovers; You can also add-on to receive one or two dozen eggs weekly. We are also offering delivery again this year for a limited number of CSA's 


Please take a few minutes to review below for Program Details. and the online enrollment process. Contact us at or speak to Kris - (781) 258-0618 if you prefer we mail you a contract.

What does a weekly CSA look like? 

First, you receive the same type, quality and quantity of produce in both the Basic and Master Program. The difference between the two CSA programs is the Master includes: a dozen farm fresh eggs, 3 seasonal event tickets, and all the meat options!


How much produce is in a weekly CSA?

The weekly produce will vary based on what is ready to be picked and other factors that Mother Nature dictates. We are always trying new things and will offer beyond our CSA veggie list. Most of our members feel the weekly CSA gives them plenty of fresh produce for two avid green eaters or the average family of four. It truly depends on the level of produce you uniquely enjoy weekly!


As a sample of the early spring CSA week pickup:

  • 1 – 2 heads of lettuce

  • Bundle of radishes

  • Bundle of scallions

  • Bundle of Swiss Chard

  • Bundle of Kale

  • Bundle of Parsley


Keep in mind, the CSA becomes more robust as crops grow and the season progresses!

If we have a particular crop that is doing extra well we ask our CSA members to help themselves to extra. We are committed to providing our members from our own crops or trusted local organic farm friends which are based on the season we are in and grown using organic practices. 


Our Basic CSA Program Includes: $475.00 


17 weeks of farm fresh produce!

Discussion board for questions and feedback

Monday weekly deal posting so you can pre-order for pickup with your CSA

Online Recipe section via our friends at Your Life and Land, so you can easily enjoy your produce

Our Special Master Program Includes: $1150.00


17 weeks of fresh farm fresh produce

17 weeks of a dozen farm fresh eggs

25 pounds farm pasture raised beef (available in November) **
1 Seasonal Turkey (available in November) 

2 Seasonal Chickens (available in October)

3 Seasonal Farm Event tickets

Discussion board for questions and feedback

Monday weekly deal posting so you can pre-order for pickup with your CSA

Online Recipe section via our friends at Your Life and Land, so you can easily enjoy your produce


  • The Master also enjoys a portion of our Livestock CSA, which begins after the 17‐ weeks of produce has ended for season.

    • For example, a master member will pick up their last bag of produce on first week of October. However, you will continue to receive the following items at schedule times:

  • ·  2 free range chicken roasters – 4‐7 LBS – These roasters will be distributed to Members at the end of Sept-Oct.

    • NOTE: Chicken Roasters are available for purchase for all members. Please ask for details.

  • · 25 LBS of farm fresh/grass fed beef. This beef portion will come in the form of various cuts (ground beef, variety of steaks, stew meat, etc. This portion will be available for pick up at the end of November.

  • · Free range/farm fresh turkey – 15‐17 LBS – This product will be ready for pick up the day before Thanksgiving.

** The price for the MASTER Membership is partly based on the rise and fall of meat prices throughout the nation and specifically New England. However, the rate is locked to this announced price which is set at the beginning of each season, even if the market continues to grow in an upward direction. * Christmas trees - Due to availability and unknown pricing, we will be offering the trees under a Holiday CSA package and will keep you posted.


The first or second week of June you will pick up or we will deliver your first helping of locally grown produce, along with the following:


  • The Silverbrook CSA Produce Bag

  • Admission Passes to Fall Events (For Master Programs)

  • Don’t forget as a CSA member, you are welcome to enjoy the farm, yoga, and visit the animals the day of pickup

  • Each week, over the next 17‐WEEKS you bring your bag back and do it all over again! For Home Delivery, we require you leave a cooler outside your door and leave your produce bag in the cooler so we can drop off your produce and ensure it is protected from heat and rain.

  • Pickup days will be Wednesday 4PM-6PM and Saturdays 10AM-2PM.

  • We ask you commit to the same day each week as much as possible as we plan and pick the day of your scheduled pickup to avoid too much or too little produce picked from the field. This is why your produce is so Fresh and Yummy.