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We welcome our members to not only visit the farm but volunteer! We are creating a volunteer schedule for beginning in June on Wednesdays and Fridays for light field work including; weeding, picking, light watering and well whatever else we can help Farmer JJ with!


As you can imagine the weeding and maintaining of the four primary fields is endless and extra time consuming since we do not treat with pesticides or herbicides. So the weeds are abundant at our farm! We ask folks realize you need to be able to bend, lift baskets and enjoy working in the fields. We attempt to work from 7:30AM to 11AM to avoid the heat and sunlight! We ask we all start at the same time around 7:30AM to be as productive as possible however any length of time you wish to stay is appreciated!

We will have spring water available and once the fields begin producing, a little something extra for your time and support of the Farm!!

Please fill out form above with your interest in volunteering and availability!


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