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The Silverbrook Farm Herd

Responsible Farming

The Silverbrook Farm offers fresh grass-fed beef to our community. We cater to the customer who enjoys healthy beef that has been cared for locally and raised responsibly with the animal’s health as a top priority.

We are happy to introduce our new herd of beautiful Chianina cows. One of the oldest breeds of cattle, the Chianina originates in Italy, from the area of the Valdichiana, from which it takes its name. The Chianina cattle have been raised in the Italian regions of TuscanyUmbria and Lazio for at least 2200 years.

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Aside from how beautiful and impressive they are, the meat offered is Always Lean, Tender, Juicy and especially HIGH in protein while being LOW in cholesterol.

For athletes who practice activities requiring a lot of energy, you will find the amounts of protein in Chianina beef extremely beneficial, as well as the meat being light and easy to digest.

For older people, who require fewer calories but more protein, our meat is a perfect addition to a weekly diet.

This is a favorite for our local restaurants that wish to give their guests an incredible quality burger or the exquisite taste of sirloin prepared the Tuscan way.  

The Chianina Breed is renowned for beef which is lean, dark red in color and retains a marbling of fat among the muscling. The Chianina meat is used in many tasty Italian dishes however one of the best and easiest ways to serve it up is the flagship, Tuscan steak. In typical Italian style, simplicity rules the day; little more than olive oil, rosemary, and salt are needed to highlight the rich flavor of the grilled meat.

We offer both the Chianina and Angus Cross cuts along with seasonal CSA opportunities to our customers and local restaurants interested in fresh grass fed LOCAL beef at affordable prices. 


Please email us at with any questions or if you are a restaurant or consumer looking for large quantities.

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