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The Silverbrook CSA follows the following New England growing season, and we attempt to follow this to the best of our ability. We also try to incorporate a wide variety of produce into our program, from the somewhat unique (beets, greens, etc.) to the traditional favorites (tomatoes, sweet corn, etc.)


Please keep in mind that farming in New England is unpredictable at best. Poor weather conditions, pests, a low producing crop, as well as many other factors can affect the actual size of the harvest. We make every effort to mitigate risks through crop diversity, multiple field selection, and use only the best quality seeds and plants.


Members need to be aware, however, that some items may be later than predicted and/or quantities may be limited. In the event of a low producing crop we may need to limit selection, so all members can enjoy some of the harvest.


Here is our 2022 GROWING SCHEDULE. Please note, this list does not encompass all we grow at Silverbrook and times and produce may vary depending on Mother Nature. Click below to check out our grow schedule!








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